All of our cakes are made fresh and from scratch, using only the finest quality ingredients. Creamy butter, fresh fruit purees, whole eggs and cream result in delicious, moist, fluffy and light cakes, which present you with the ultimate taste experience.

You may choose any combination of the suggested cake layers and fillings or, if there is a flavour that you love but do not see listed, simply let us know and we will be happy to accommodate you!

Cake Layers:
- Madagascar Vanilla
- Belgian Chocolate
- Caramel Brown Sugar
- Toasted Almond
- Moist Coconut
- Lemon Poppy seed
- Tangy Lime
- Orange Spice
- Banana Nut
- Chocolate-Espresso
- Carrot-Pineapple
- Vanilla
- Chocolate Truffle
- Caramel
- Lemon-Passion fruit
- Strawberry
- Raspberry
- Orange
- Mango
- Mocha
- White Chocolate Cream Cheese
- Hazelnut